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History In Prospective Series
The History Enthusiast presents

It has been said that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it however, it is our contention that in the course of time it repeats itself anyway, just in different costumes. It's a matter of perspective and so we introduce the history enthusiast Richie Burriesci to field our series HISTORY IN PERSPECTIVE 
We encourage you to put your answers in the comment section of each you-tube 

HISTORY IN PERSPECTIVE prologue "Manifest Destiny"
First and foremost let's establish common ground of the five basics of human history the WHO, WHERE, WHY, WHEN & WHAT the story of mankind is. The first four is a matter of perspective and the last, what is what actually took place. The proverbial question that if a tree fell in a forest but neither, human, animal nor anything hears it regardless, the tree fell. Oral and written history is always a matter of perspective to the one relaying the details but nonetheless an event took place. Let’s begin with a chapter prevalent in American history a concept known as MANIFEST DESTINY abound in the latter part of the 19th Century when Abraham Lincoln was president. We must first define that concept which ruled the governing bodies. 
Manifest Destiny is the belief or doctrine, held chiefly in the middle and latter part of the 19th century, that it was the destiny of the United States to expand its territory over the whole of North America and to extend and enhance its political, social, and economic influences.
This is a concept when first white Christian European ancestry namely educated male landowners made the laws governing this nation. Slavery, although inhumane and immoral was a legal enterprise. Women were not allowed to vote and children were property. Now we just established the, who, where, why and when this era took place in the eastern region of the United States not yet divided in a civil war. The what, part is that this “vision” was chiefly responsible for the western expansion with total disregard of the Native American nation and Spanish-Mexican peoples; “From sea to shining sea!” So, I ask YOU …
What are your feelings on this popular accepted concept of “righteousness” the divine order to subdue the earth and transform the pagans an illiterate literally as a divine mission? Is this good or evil? Does the end justify the means? Granted, today the landscape of modern cities and scientific achievement might not exist! Indeed, the buffalo would not be an endangered species. It is very important to note that one of the greatest presidents this nation garnered was “The Great Emancipator” Abraham Lincoln who not only embraced this idea but defied our constitution to a degree to allow a majority of our young nation to peacefully succeed from the Union. Ergo, this is what happened. You are given the who, where, why and when but what remains is YOUR VIEW or as we put it, your perspective. We can apply this well beyond manifest destiny or its time period. The time period is indefinite as the rules apply.                                    
- Richard Christopher Burriesci
This will be a series of  Youtubes  each under ten minutes
Other Topics of Discussion:
The Fear To Expose Your True Viewpoints (Afraid to Say What You Think)

America was shocked November 9, 2016 to wake up to the news that our nation's 45th president would not be a woman namely Hillary Rodham Clinton but instead a bold arrogant businessman Donald John Trump. How did that happen when Ms. Clinton trounced Trump in exit polls but voters were not perjuring themselves lying to pundits saying out of fear they voted Clinton when in secrecy they knew well Trump was their ballot choice. This would be the president to vaporize the terminal cancer of millennial terms to be "politically correct" in the course of human events for eons we had succumbed to a different but similar term "peer pressure". How many times in your life did you become a victim of either peer pressure or being politically correct? The term "conscientious objector" was used by many draft dodgers near the end of the Vietnam war called a conflict. It stymied the boxing career of Muhammad Ali and many teenagers fled to Canada to escape a prison term. There were conscientious objectors in earlier wars including the war between the States known as the Civil War fought from 1861 thru 1865 here in America but far fewer a hundred years later. Then there has always been another factor to fear sometimes lethal and that is a "mob mentality" creating paranoia and lynchings. One might remember the fictitious scene from the 1931 movie Frankenstein where the hysterical mob carrying torches in the night kill the monster who never got a trial. Similar stories like this often played in real life. Can you see how any of these concepts can alter the course of history? Does this help you understand how and why events occur? Is It even possible to judge history from an unbiased perspective? 
Any history enthusiast ponders the question WHAT IF ONE, OR I TOOK THE ROAD NOT TAKEN? Had Hitler not executed his wrath on the Jewish people or undesirables would we be speaking German today in New Deutchland? Had not the great teacher who fulfilled prophecy come into this world and rise from the dead; he did say if we were given knowledge of the exact hour we would prepare ourselves. All of us would choose at least one road not taken in hindsight. Yet, the one constant in history is that our past choice has a bearing on our future if only that we learn from our experience. I mention two men well known in history but the rule applies to the 108 billion human beings that were ever born that includes the unknown birth not recorded. I incorporated the word "prophecy" here in this conversation implying a destined future. The DNA at our conception determines so many factors in our health and what we look like. So it is with the burst of the big bang or canvass from the Mind of God that determines our future from its onset. Did Julius Caesar leave his house on the Ides of March to meet his destiny a given? Our debate starts therefore with the concept of predestination. If we even consider premonition and prophecies to be legit then is life a fixed game? When I was a young man I did not think so but with age and experience I wonder. Please, comment below each of our YouTube's. 

A Drop of Water In The Ocean of Life
An Essay by Richard Christopher Burriesci
I was born in the mid fifties the era of chrome cars, Cecil B. DeMille cinema and the burst of television. Flying saucers and communism were the talk of the day. Angelo Roncalli was Pope John XXIII and Dwight D. Eisenhower was our president but I don't quite remember him, his successor a lanky freckled faced Irishman was special to me. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy annointed me. My Mom was my best friend and the Roman Catholic Church of St. Sebastian in Woodside gave me my strong faith in God steadfast three score and four years later. I never did nor will I ever entertain perfection even in my Creator who deemed that perfection is found in inperfection and darkness is the shadow of light. I always knew that. Perfection is relative. That revelation is the source of my content and inner peace. One can be happy in an evil world in its journey to maturation. It is from this perspective I yield my unsolicited opine.  According to scientists being born is unbearingingly painful yet our exit is quite painless from our physical body aspect. The spiritual aspect of our existence is up for speculation. I did not ask to be born nor did I ever achieve any moment of greatness so my influence on world achievements have no effect on history. Yet, other human beings that might affect history came into this world as a direct result of my existence. This holds true for everybody including those who never conceived children. I have therefore come to believe each of us ever born belongs to the dream of the Supreme Being God Almighty conceived for His purpose and it is a timeless wonderful story. Consider the opening prose of "The Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens 
 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair." 
This is the ying yang of life, of culture, of our destiny. In God's plan the best is yet to come but too many of us have metaphorical myopia. Some opt to quit the proverbial race by suicide but even evil is the shadow of goodness because it was and is written "God made it and saw that it was good" 
The world will not miss a step when my departure comes yet, I hope that wherever I go I will awaken to the call "breakfast is ready!" This familiar herald wakens me daily in my dreams precisely at three in the morning every day as long as I can remember. I do not get out of bed until an hour or so later and sometimes I cook my own but anticipating sitting in a booth at a local diner sets the tone of the day. I am the egg man and the universe is askew if the fruit of the chicken does not adorn my plate sans meat is acceptable. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee and frying bacon stimulates my senses and the creative thought process starts churning. I know this is not so for everybody but for me this is a tenet of existence. 
I am but one drop of water in the ocean of life. 
photo taken by Richie Burriesci by his home in Far Rockaway
I was born a Roman Catholic Christian and remain so. The first martyr of the Church was St. Stephen executed by Saul the nemises of Christ followers yet became Paul a pilar of His Church. There was no purgatory for Steve while being stoned to death he professed to many witnesses while dying that he saw the full glory of heaven waiting for his soul. There were many martyrs before him including John the Baptist and Jesus Christ as well to die for the Cause of Our Creator God Almighty. We learn in parochial school the shortest route to heaven is to shed our blood and last breath for that worthy cause. This is seldom controversial. However, is martyrdom privy only to Christians? Of course not! The pagan Vikings long believed to die with sword in hand would waken his spirit into Valhalla. Let me proclaim the honor of any soldier who signs up knowing that he or she swears to yield their life to their nation in the prime of their youth so that the tenants of their fellow citizens can endure a future free from bondage. They too, are martyrs whose sins are purged on the battlefield lest we forget! A human being who gives their life for another whether they are known to the "martyr" or not is so noble that the Universe recognizes the express path to eternal Eden. Islam has many martyrs in a term they call jihad. The Holy Spirit inside me tells me not to condemn yet my heart tells me otherwise. Jesus said great is one who lays his or her life down for a friend for there is no greater love. I will not challenge his wisdom. Lest God honors our free will beyond the grave I know I might not like every person or thing in heaven but true respect for one another is fully realized and that will make life in His kingdom unimaginably wonderful!

The motto of Paul Masson wines was "we will sell no wine before its time!" Wisdom dictates such in other venues and circumstance. I never expect perfection but I do cherish idealism. I am loyal to my caretakers first being my parents who bore and reared me, to the Roman Catholic Church when I was baptized and where I found God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit and to my Nation the United States of America which continues to nurture me. Wisdom allows me to see flaws in all of them in spite of their noble quest to achieve perfection so, my love for all of these caretakers is genuine. Some may fault me when I say that the contract between God and Man was null and void before the ink was dry referring to our Declaration of Indepence July 4, 1776. The fine wine was far from ripe! Fifty years later the institution of slavery was abolished in England who brought us slaves when we were their colony. George, Thom, Ben and the rest should have seasoned wisdom before penning their names not recognizing any man, woman or child as equals protected by such writ. To forever etch their names on parchment without abolishing then such institutions of moral fiber and tenant including the poor and invalid should first have been achieved! Perhaps the likes of crusaders for such causes more than a hundred years later might have never be needed. Now we tempt our Creator with legalizing murder of His ultimate achievement LIFE itself even after birth! Perhaps, if we were ready then ... we would not be dealing with such matters now.  - RICHARD C. BURRIESCI 
"FRIENDS AND ENEMIES MAKE THE FABRIC OF LIFE!" by Richard Christopher Burriesci
People make friends and friends sometimes become enemies not necessarily bitter nor callous to one another. They may simply drift apart towards estrangement. Various reasons such as political, strong difference of opinion and usually circumstance and situation yet, most of the time this does not cause war nor even subtle violence. It is the fabric of life. Nobody is immune! Jesus, the stalwart of love and perfection had so many enemies they put him to death. It would be unfair to judge a person's worth on how he or she is loved by others yet this is the criteria of the norms. The norms concur that life itself is often unfair! We are part of the Universe and we cannot exist apart from it. Each of us no matter what social caste is a universe within itself. We are born into it and we die into it, science says we become stardust for matter cannot be destroyed. Spiritual beings believe we return from whence we came that is to the Supreme Being. Eventually, this is realized by everyone, everywhere without exception. You and I will continue to make friends and enemies along the path of our lives but what is real is the fact that we came into existence by a Power beyond our imagination that makes you and I so precious to that Power, something to think about next time we are feeling down and out.